Kinda Ghannoum

Kinda Ghannoum

Kinda Ghannoum is a distinguished Syrian-Polish graphic designer, creating impactful work from her base in Belgium. With a foundation in architecture from Damascus University, she seamlessly transitioned into graphic design, driven by a passion for visual storytelling. Kinda further honed her skills with a Master of Visual Arts degree from Sint Lucas Antwerpen, where she specialized in branding, typography, and design research.

Her designs, deeply inspired by Arabic typography and patterns, celebrate her cultural heritage while offering a fresh perspective to the global design community. Throughout her career, Kinda has been recognized in esteemed publications, including Idnworld Magazine and Brand Visualization by Sandupublishing, and showcased in notable exhibitions such as the 100 Best Arabic Posters and Anti-Type by Tasmeem 2022.

Kinda's collaborations span across prestigious organizations and events, including the Obama Foundation, EXPO Dubai 2020, and Netflix, underscoring her versatility and appeal. As a co-founder of the Syrian Design Archive, she plays a pivotal role in preserving and promoting Syrian design heritage, contributing significantly to the global appreciation of Arab art and design.

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