• Eid Prayer

Rex Chouk

Eid Prayer

Archival Pigment Art Print
Dimensions: 60x60 cm
Limited Edition of 15
Certificate of Authenticity Signed and Numbered by the Artist

Regular price 5,500.00 MAD

About Rex Chouk

RexChouk's art, emerging in 2013, serves as a modern-day critique of Saudi and Khaleeji societal frameworks, infusing characters, expressions, and symbols from global pop culture. His creations aim to alter perspectives and reveal harmony and intricacies within our interconnected global system through multimedia art, painting, drawing, illumination, and sound.

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Unveiling the Layers of Saudi Society: The Artistic Odyssey of Rex Chouk

In the bustling streets of Jeddah, amidst the whirlwind of urban life, there exists an artist whose work transcends mere aesthetics to reveal the very soul of Saudi society.

Rex Chouk, a visionary talent hailing from the heart of the Kingdom, has emerged as a leading voice in the contemporary art scene, captivating audiences with his evocative imagery and profound insights into the human experience.

Raised in Jeddah, Chouk was drawn to art by the vibrant colors and rich heritage of his surroundings. His art serves as a journey of self-discovery and a reflection of Saudi society's complexities, blending tradition with modernity. Through his work, Chouk delves into the societal dynamics shaping Saudi identity, offering insights into the intricate blend of tradition, modernity, and globalization in the Kingdom.

In his captivating "Wheels of Change" series, Chouk delves into the symbolic and ubiquitous presence of cars in Saudi Arabia, portraying them as emblems of freedom, status, and mobility within the urban and desert landscapes of the Kingdom. His work, ranging from oil pastel drawings to bold digital pieces, encapsulates the dynamic relationship between individuals and their vehicles against the backdrop of Jeddah's evolving skyline and expansive highways. Beyond automotive culture, Chouk's art traverses a wide spectrum of subjects, from intimate human portraits to abstract explorations, each piece inviting a journey into self-discovery and reflection. Beyond his creative endeavors, Chouk is dedicated to nurturing the Saudi art scene through workshops, exhibitions, and collaborative projects, aiming to foster creativity and cultural dialogue.

Rex Chouk's art transcends boundaries, spotlighting art's ability to highlight the human condition and connect cultures. Celebrate his innovative spirit and pioneering role in the Saudi art world by adding a piece of his visionary talent to your collection. Explore Rex Chouk's limited edition works today and own a symbol of creativity, innovation, and cultural pride.