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Abdellah Azizi

Abdellah Azizi, an emerging Moroccan artist, is on a journey through the world of visual storytelling. It all started in the city of Ouarzazate, where he discovered the allure of movie studios and iconic films like "Gladiator" and "The Kingdom of Heaven."

Eager to pursue his passion, Abdellah enrolled in a local film school and emerged as a skilled film lighting technician. Inspired by renowned cinematographers, he's dedicated to infusing his images with storytelling magic.

A notable moment in Abdellah's journey was a project with archaeologist Thomas Reitmaier, documenting the nomadic transhumance of the Ait Atta community from the southern high Atlas highlands to the serene Tamda prairie in the northeast of Marrakech. Their work earned international recognition when exhibited in Switzerland in 2020.

With a heart full of dreams and a down-to-earth spirit, Abdellah Azizi is crafting his own artistic stories, promising many more captivating chapters in his journey.

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    Man of Roses
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