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Ali AlMasri

Ali Almasri is not merely a type designer but a true virtuoso of the artistic realm. In 2014, he embarked on a remarkable journey by founding his own type foundry known as Abjad. In 2020, the scope of his creative endeavors expanded even further with the establishment of a concept store, a haven of inspiration drawn from the captivating world of Arabic Calligraphy and the rich tapestry of visual culture that has flourished across Islamic lands. Complementing his entrepreneurial ventures, he played an instrumental role in co-founding the dynamic social design initiative, Wajha, back in 2012.

Ali's artistic ethos revolves around the conception of objects and products that bear the essence of Arabic letterforms, thus creating a unique form of identity. His creations are a symphony of innovation, seamlessly blending the precision of 3D printing technologies with the intimacy of local handcraftsmanship. His prints, a testament to his devotion to traditional artistry, are meticulously hand-crafted through techniques like the Japanese woodblock method "Mokuhanga" and the intricate art of silkscreen. Simultaneously, Ali embraces the digital realm, employing modern techniques such as Risography printing and high-quality digital printing to bring his visions to life.

Ali's academic journey has been nothing short of eclectic, with degrees in both industrial and graphic design. His expertise extends to the realms of printmaking, traditional Arabic calligraphy, and the history of Islamic arts. This multifaceted artist has graced various cities across the Arab world, sharing his insights through compelling talks and enlightening workshops. His influence transcends borders, having collaborated with international brands and organizations, while also serving as a trusted design consultant for several esteemed design agencies. Ali's exceptional body of work has received acclaim on both local and international stages, cementing his position as a luminary in the field.

In the picturesque setting of Amman, Jordan, Ali Almasri continues to weave his artistic tapestry, where innovation, tradition, and cultural heritage converge in a harmonious dance of creativity.

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  • Gol-o Morgh 1
    Limited Edition
    3,000.00 MAD
  • Gol-o Morgh 2
    Limited Edition
    4,500.00 MAD
  • Gol-o Morgh 3
    Limited Edition
    4,500.00 MAD