Myriame Alioualla - YASALAM

Myriame Alioualla

Myriame Alioualla, a transdisciplinary researcher trained initially as an architect out of a profound passion for the fusion of art and science, discovered a third calling – unraveling the intricate tapestry of society through words and images.

Devoting five years to doctoral research, she delved into the historical, geographical, anthropological, and social dynamics shaping human experiences in movement and migration. As a foreigner herself, the exploration forged a profound connection to migration, borders, and the coexistence of diverse identities. Utilizing inhabited surveys, cartography, sketches, and evocative photographic reports, Myriame translated these multidimensional concepts into her work, serving both as tools of investigation and expressions of her artistic journey.

Fueled by curiosity and a commitment to contributing to solutions, a portion of her research hones in on investigating models of resilience and innovation in housing, confronting the climate disruption that shapes our reality.

Her research work has garnered attention through various publications and communications, while her artistic creations have found a space in exhibitions. Today, Myriame persists in her explorations and quest for meaning, transcending disciplinary boundaries and challenging the sometimes reductionist binary between art and science. Her ongoing mission involves creating connections with communities equally positioned at the crossroads of different worlds.

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