Curious Cat

Art print by Zaid Sbeitan, printed on 200g high quality art paper. Print and framed options are available. Ships worldwide.

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About Zaid Sbeitan

Zaid Sbeitan, based in Frankfurt, is a skilled artist known for his expertise in Arabic typography and printmaking. With a Master of Arts from the University of Design Offenbach am Main (HFG) and Frankfurt University of Applied Sciences, he has exhibited his work globally. Zaid's art, influenced by Arab design and heritage, seamlessly blends vintage and architectural elements. Recently, he has been exploring handmade prints featuring Arabic lettering and local illustrations.

Size Guide

Print sizes

Sizes may vary based on the artwork's standard ratio set by the artist. To simplify the purchasing process, we've categorized these sizes from X-Small to X-Large.

Frame widths add an additional 2cm to each side.

X-Small ≈ 20x30 cm / 21x29.7 cm
Small ≈ 30x40 cm / 29.7x42 cm
Medium ≈ 40x60 cm / 42x59.4 cm
Large = 50x70 cm
X-Large ≈ 60x90 cm / 59.4x84.1 cm

Shipping Info

We ship prints in a secure tube while framed prints are packaged carefully in bubble wrap then in a cardboard box for maximum protection.