• Iwejjiben


Iwejjiben (Autumn) from August 14th to November 13th: Season of plowing and land preparation, olive harvests, and a focus on family and home life. Celebration of Amenẓu n-tyarza (sowing). Major symbol: the House (or the Cross).
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About Aicha Abouhaj

Aicha Abouhaj, a self-taught artist from Casablanca, studied graphic design before delving into various mediums and techniques. She focuses on women's issues and the endangered Berber tattooing tradition. Through colorful paintings and sculptures, she aims to preserve this cultural heritage.

Size Guide

Print sizes

Sizes may vary based on the artwork's standard ratio set by the artist. To simplify the purchasing process, we've categorized these sizes from X-Small to X-Large.

Frame widths add an additional 2cm to each side.

X-Small ≈ 20x30 cm / 21x29.7 cm
Small ≈ 30x40 cm / 29.7x42 cm
Medium ≈ 40x60 cm / 42x59.4 cm
Large = 50x70 cm
X-Large ≈ 60x90 cm / 59.4x84.1 cm

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